Think fullscreen. Then double it.

Discover our all-new blockbusting display ad format – the double fullscreen interscroller. Let your audience scroll themselves through a 2-in-1 branding and conversion experience. The side effect? Increased active views and an improved click rate. Check out the new format

Advanced Ad Technology

For the last +10 years, we have worked with premium display ad campaigns and ad automations for some of the biggest publishers in the Nordics. Join the club!

Madington Studio Easy-to-use
banner templates

Want to step up your ad game? With our self-service Madington Studio, you can create a range of responsive, high impact display ads in no-time – for free. No coding skills needed. Go to Studio

Madington Studio Plus Customized
display ads

Why not let your display ads change depending on the weather, or when travelling to a new location? Get access to a world of customized display ads, fullscreen formats, site takeovers, ad automation and much more. Our team of Ad Tech wizards awaits you. Go to Studio Plus

Introducing Streamedby Streaming video ads

What if there was a way to use your videos in display ads, without compromising on quality while still delivering best in class loading speed? Say hello to Streamedby, a video streaming solution for HTML-banners that will let your videos shine like they where made to do. Tell me more

The show must go on

Get inspired by some of the ad solutions we have done in the past. Do you wish to do something awesome together? Get in touch and let our minds do some creative exploring. Watch the showreel

Some of the brands we have worked with:

Get in touch

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about what we can do for you. And do challenge us if you have an ad idea you want to fulfill. We love challenges.

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