Attract instead of distract – with interactivity

Up for some valuable one-to-one time with your customers? The unique ad format Double Fullscreen Interscroller lets your brand stand out from the crowd with a fullscreen view x 2 – where the customer is in charge, scrolling her way through the ad.

Go big or go home! Why not do like Volvo and combine a gorgeous video with excellent features.


Full attention



Animate text and graphics on scroll

Combine video, images and clickable products

High performing ad

Increased active view and click rate


Improved inscreen rating

Give the power to the customers

When potential customers scroll themselves through the double fullscreen format, they are the ones setting the pace for how the ad is presented to themselves. And that way, creating an experience with the brand instead of a distraction.

Check out our work for other customers below to get inspired! Why not try it in different devices to experience the responsive features?


Coop Prix

A brilliant concept showed off in a brilliant way. Coop Prix Mens Club ad gave a whole new meaning to the word Mens (period in Norwegian). Well done!



When you have a lot to say but not enough room to do it, do like BMW. A solution where the user changed feature by scrolling up an down. Which one is your favourite?


Coop Extra

Whats for dinner? Coop Extra wanted to inspire the user directly in the ad. By clicking on a dish you got the recipe directly there and then. Extra smart!


Does your publisher offer the latest ad format?

Attract your customers with an interactive double fullscreen ad – with an increased active view. Which in turn increases the publisher’s inscreen rating. A win win for both!

Want the ad format? Get in touch and we’ll contact your publisher for you!

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