Fullscreen video

Tell your story using industry leading video quality.

An easy step-by-step template adapted for creating responsive fullscreen video banners. All you need is one or two videos where the logo, CTA and text already are placed in the video(s). Perfect when wanting to draw attention to your brand while being time- and cost efficient. 

  • Responsive ad format on all devices
  • Automatic video compression and optimization
  • Purchase your ad using private deals or direct
  • Adaptive streaming by Streamedby – minimal loading, instant play
  • Fallback solution with screenshots from auto-selected parts of the video
  • Adserving cost (CPM) - SEK 7, NOK 7, EUR 0.7 | 1000 Impressions FREE

Additionally, if wanting more advanced interactive banners – a team of high end developers and designers are always ready to help. Reach out, we speak Swedish and English. Enjoy!

How to create a responsive fullscreen video ad – in 2 minutes!

1. Upload your video in high quality (up to 500 MB). The application automatically compresses it to the correct size.

2. Position and crop the content by the built in tool, if wanted. Make sure that the key graphic elements are always visual in the video, for instance logo, headline and the CTA. The customers don't always watch the full video so make sure to give them the main message early! 

3. Follow the step-by-step guide and fill out a few fields.

4. Hit go, and get your ad tags instantly!

Designing the assets

Let's create two video formats to make sure it looks great on all devices. Choose a 1080x1080 px video (portrait mode) – or make a selection of an area of 1080x1080 px in the application from a bigger video. Make sure that the logo, text and CTA are placed within the portrait safe area of 528x940 px (portrait mode). Then, add another video in 1920x1080 px, with the placement of the logo, text and CTA landscape safe area of 1400x940 px in mind. 

Also, please note that your choice of publicist may require other safe areas, so check with them before creating your ad.

You can also choose to produce for mobile or desktop views only. If so, you will receive a set of ad tags with your responsive html fullscreen display ad adapted for that purpose. 


Once you have finished the step-by-step process, you will receive the ad tags straight on the screen. You can pick them one by one and traffic them immediately or copy the entire set of different ad tags and distribute them to your receivers of choice.

You will also get all ad tags sent to your selected e-mail along with the preview- and dashboard links.

Publishing the ads

You can choose to purchase your ad programmatically or I/O, where you send the tags directly to your publicist of choice. We provide ad tags for both purposes.

If you are buying programatically by private deals, make sure the selected publisher supports the format and address the correct inventory in your DSP (1x2, 1920x1080, etc.)

Where can I use this ad format?

Supported publishers for private deals and/or direct sales:

Schibsted Norway

Let us know if you’re trying to run your ad elsewhere and we’ll help you out! 
If you as a publisher do not have your name in the list, contact studio@madington.com for update. 

Preview your ads

Not sure if your videos are in the right quality? Upload them and see if it works – what you see is what you get! You don’t pay until you start running your ad, so feel free to experiment!

You will also be able to see the ads authentically from your preview-link. Open them from your mobile to see the retina-quality.

Add magic

Want to add subtitles, animations or some advanced interactive functionality? Our team of high end developers and designers are ready to create some fab banner magic for you! Send us a request to studio@madington.com to get started.


Fullscreen video





Supported file types



Landscape/Desktop 1920x1080 px
(Safe Area 1400x940 px)

Portrait/Mobile 1080x1080 px
(Safe area 528x940 px)

File size

The file size limit of uploaded videos is 500 MB. Our system will automatically optimize your videos so we can offer minimal loading and instant play. Consider that the length of your video affects the quality, a shorter video gives you higher video quality.

Ad tags

You will get ad-tags to:

• Google Ad Manager
• Google Campaign Manager
• Google DV360
• Xandr
• Adform
• Adnuntius
• The Trade Desk
• Delta Projects
• Improve Digital
• BidTheatre

Let us know if you’re trying to run your ad elsewhere and we’ll help you out!


You will receive a dashboard with every ad you make. You can also add external tracking of your choice.

Key Features

• Responsive on all devices

• Automatic video compression and optimization

• Programmatic deals or I/O

• Adaptive streaming by Streamedby – minimal loading, instant play

• Fallback solution w. screenshots from auto-selected parts of the video 

• Sound detection

• Chrome Intervention Compatible

• Built-in dashboard and external tracking