Streaming and responsive display ads – in a jiffy.

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Got an idea? Let’s turn it into code.

What once was in the hands of our most skilled developers, is now at your fingertips, in the shape of an easy drag-and-drop banner application that automagically transforms your ideas into beautiful code.

So whether you want to create a display ad using a fixed size image, or making your video fit any format perfectly while looking flawless — you can focus on what you do best while technology takes care of the rest.

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Eight templates. Endless possibilities.

There shouldn’t be a technical obstacle hindering you from getting your message (or +100 of them) out to the world! Besides, no one likes to do the same thing over and over again. It’s tedious, time consuming and to be frank, soul destroying.

So we used our love for technology to create an automated banner tool filled with easy-to-use, fluid or fixed size templates, saving yourself both time and money. Ready to start experimenting?

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Let’s make the hard stuff easy. And free.

We believe that greater things will happen for all of us if we can make the hard stuff in life easy — and free. Therefore, no login is needed and you can go ahead and start using Studio for free anytime, anywhere. Did we mention that the first 1000 impressions for every ad are free as well?

Have you watched the 1-minute introduction featured above, but want to learn more? Click on the button below to request a free demo with one of our experts (we speak Swedish and English).

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Want to add extra features to your display ads?

Why not let your display ads change depending on the weather, or when travelling to a new location? Get access to a world of customized display ads, fullscreen formats, site takeovers, ad automation and much more. Our team of AdTech wizards awaits you. 

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Want to reach and attract a bigger audience?

Use responsive ad formats and programmatic advertising. We have helped implementing and fine tuning advanced ad formats for some of the biggest publishers in the Nordics for the last +10 years. Now you can get the same service using our high impact formats.

With support from our AdTech experts, publishers and site owners can now start implementing responsive ad formats, and open up their inventory for programmatic ad exchanges – minus the headache. Contact us today and we'll help you all the way!

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One ad – all DSP's

When making an ad in Studio you don't have to choose which tags you want, you don't even have to pay extra for them, they are just there. Once you are done with your production you will receive all tags on the screen and sent to your email. Use the ones you need and disregard the rest. We currently support Google Ad Manager, Campaign Manager, DV360, Xandr, Adform, Adnuntius, The Trade Desk and Delta Projects out of the box, but more will come and a simple tweak can make it work anywhere you need it to.

No login needed – free for all

Why spend time on boring stuff when all you want is to start producing! Studio is open for everyone to use and experiment which formats your ads looks best in before you start running them. We will never charge you until you actually start using your ad. Ain’t that sweet?

No coding skills needed
– cut corners without losing quality

Studio is all about making your design, your videos, and your message shine for your customers in a complex environment without you having to worry about all the technical aspects. Forget about mind boggling technical specs and ad validation tools and get ready to inspire!

Low CPM + 1000 free impressions

Wouldn’t it be nice to cut costs and skip unnecessary license fees, support fees, project management fees etc. and just pay for your ad? With Studio that’s exactly what you get. No hidden costs, you only pay a low CPM and only when the ad is actually shown. We even let you have the first 1000 impressions for free so that you have plenty of time to try it out before you are happy to continue spreading your work. 'Cause let’s face it, why pay more when you are doing all the hard work? Isn’t that the whole point of automation, to cut corners and costs?

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Automating ad creation by Madington

We have worked closely with some of the greatest publicists, media- and advertising agencies and advertisers in Scandinavia for over a decade. Want to use the same tool – for free? Join in!