Sustainability at Madington

How does Madington work towards sustainability?

How does Madington work towards sustainable development?

Sustainability is a broad topic that must be addressed from various perspectives. It is important for us to take concrete actions in the right direction, focusing on both our technology and how our clients can use our platform to reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, we are dedicated to integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of our company's operations.

What's at the top of Madington's agenda in their sustainability efforts?

Our top priority is reducing CO2 emissions and gaining insights from our campaigns. We are already presenting CO2 data within the platform down to the creative level, but it is also crucial to learn, understand, and take action based on those numbers. We aim to be transparent about the various actions we undertake. One example is our recent 'Exploring Ways to Cut Carbon' campaign, where one of our designers challenged himself to further optimize the creative weight of an already optimized ad. Apart from that, we are focusing on building intelligence into the platform based on these learnings. The key is our technology, which will automate all these optimizations based on client and campaign goals.

How do you help your partners make better choices?

Our platform inherently optimizes creatives for both sustainability and performance. Additionally, our creative production team excels in balancing high quality with creative weight, which directly impacts performance and CO2 reduction. We are leveraging a combination of our technology and consultancy to work closely with our clients.

What is your top advice for advertisers aiming to create a positive impact?

My top advice is to understand how the weight of a creative impacts emissions and to eliminate all unnecessary creative weight. Ultimately, we are all striving for campaign results and performance, and we are finding clear ways to achieve both. Secondly, this also involves understanding video and video streaming, which are related to creative weight. Streaming video instead of downloading an MP4 is a step in the right direction, but other aspects should also be considered, such as total file size, video length, and how the video is processed, as these can also be resource-intensive processes.

Rebecka Sjöström

Business Development, VO2